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Structure Of Sports Floor
- Apr 14, 2017 -

Buy solid wood sports floor moisture content is critical

Moisture content is a crucial factor affecting the deformation of solid wood flooring after laying.

Normally the moisture content should be consistent with the local equilibrium moisture content. Water content is too high or too low. The floor in the environmental humidity changes will produce varying degrees of dimensional changes.

China's vast territory, different regions of the temperature and humidity changes, especially in the southern region of rainy, humidity, requiring solid wood sports floor moisture content is high; if in the northern region, seasonal dry, windy and rainy, requiring solid wood sports floor moisture content Low.

Buy solid wood sports floor, you can self-test the moisture content of wood flooring, general dealers are booth, a moisture content of the analyzer. When purchasing, you should first determine the moisture content of the selected wood flooring, and then test the purchase of solid wood sports floor in the box, if the difference between the upper and lower ± 2% range, the moisture content of this product qualified.

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