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Waterproofing WPC Balcony Covering Flooring
- May 24, 2018 -

The waterproof wood plastic composite balcony covers the floor, and the balcony, especially the balcony, improves the waterproof ability.It is well known that the balcony is one of the most indoor contacts water (after the bathroom), how to improve waterproof capacity is the common problem of all owners.To be safe, apartment balconies usually use bricks or other materials to build walls.These physical walls are opaque, impervious to wind, increasing shadow area and evaporation difficulty.This situation is more obvious in areas with frequent rainfall, which may induce mildew or even rot.Waterproof wood plastic compound balcony cover the floor can be in such an environment not to be affected, the waterproof and waterproof of this product is 5-7 times that of regular balcony outdoor floor.


The waterproof wood plastic composite balcony covers the floor, designed to improve the waterproof capacity of the balcony.Compared to the solid wood flooring with strong water absorption, the water absorption thickness of the waterproof wood plastic composite balcony covers the floor less than 0.4%.Compared to the cement floor and ceramic tile with obvious effect, the waterproof wood plastic composite balcony covers the floor with unique diversion technology, and a small amount of liquid will accelerate into the air.When the amount of water reaches a certain extent, the drainage system will be automatically imported and the surface liquid can be controlled in a timely manner, which will not be soaked.Even if the evaporation ability is weak, but prevent shuimu plastic composite covering floor balcony effective control of surface water, automatically expand evaporation area features can play a role of evaporation to the greatest extent, have the effect of the balcony waterproof.


The waterproof wooden plastic compound balcony covers the floor after the market, the sales status continued to be popular, won the unanimous praise of many customers.An increasing number of apartment owners are turning into water wood plastic composite balconies covering the floor.