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Wood Plasitc Composite Material —— Product Description
- Jul 08, 2017 -

Wood-plastic Composite (WPC) hard decking material is manufactured from a combination of plastic (RESIN), natural fiber and some additives (eg. anti-uv, anti-ageing) and use special equipments to blend them. It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood and with rich colors of plastic.It was gradually replaced wood, getting widely used in more and more fields.

Wood Plasitc Composite Material —— Product Description


With scientific mixture of materials and advanced techniques, WPC is a perfect composite combined by natural fabrics and plastic. Its properties are outstanding: high strength, high stiffness, anti-acid & alkali, erosion-proof, non-distortion, formaldehyde excluded, easy to recycle, etc. And it can be made into various of sections and natural feature of timber , At the same time, the disadvantages of timber, like cracking, moth and weakness in durability, are all overcomed by the use of WPC. Furthur more, the outstanding properties of WPC make it unnecessary to paint and maintain.