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Outdoor Roof Terrace Deck Flooring for Outdoor Terrace

Model: CD-02 Standard: 140 x 30mm Length: 2.2-5.4m(high strength)Application: Outdoor Roof Terrace...

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———— Classic small case ————

May 2015

Auckland, New Zealand

For Benjamin's home courtyard and stairs, Mr. Benjamin is a construction businessman who knows the quality of the outdoor floor.

A total of 536 square meters of outdoor flooring. Used for outdoor terrace flooring.

Using the CD-02 model of the outdoor floor. (140 mm x 30 mm)

The use of the color is white gray floor, is a very elegant color.

After that, and Mr. Benjamin have many times, cooperation is very happy.

Outdoor Roof Terrace Deck Flooring for Outdoor Terrace

COOWIN Wood Plastic Parameters


Wood Plastic (50% wood powder

+38% HDPE+12%additives)

Model: CD-02

Standard: 140 x 30mm

Length: 2.2-5.4m

Application: Outdoor Floor Decor


Pallet (stretch film+carton box

+rain -proof clothing+packing belt)

Outdoor Roof Terrace Deck Flooring for Outdoor Terrace

————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Recently COOWIN GROUP has developed a new type of terrace deck with high strength and strong practicability. As we all know, there won’t be too much traffic or visitors in balcony and terrace for daily use only, but it still needs some special requirements. If the terrace flooring has been exposed to too much sunlight, rain or snow, the outdoor terrace flooring’s service lifetime will be shorten. Especially in some backlight place, the water on the floor is hard to evaporate after soaking for a long time. Some unexpected situation will happen like mildew or rot. As a place for people to relax, it’s such a trouble to stay in a bad smell if we have chosen wrong terrace floor covering.


COOWIN GROUP focus on outdoor wood plastic floor and wall panel. And now has been a professional flooring manufacturer and stable supplier for some large engineering company home and aboard. In order to match the practical area situation better and provide more durable characters, COOWIN GROUP R&D department has developed a new type roof terrace floor CD-02. With a solid profile design and advanced formula, its anti-mildew, anti-rot and UV assistance performance will be enhanced a lot. Also it will gain higher safe factor by taking 30mm thickness design.


This type of decking has been produced in mass production and applied to outdoor floor, roof, balcony. Many customers bought this decking and also satisfied with it after installation. We have followed up our customer’s process, continue to check our production situation for long time, and glad to know they are in good by now.

roof terrace flooring manufacturer

Outdoor Roof Terrace Deck Flooring for Outdoor Terrace

Outdoor Roof Terrace Deck Flooring for Outdoor Terrace

terrace floor covering

terrace deck

We are China's first batch of wood plastic material manufactures and also R&D leaders. If you are interested in our outdoor roof terrace deck flooring for outdoor terrace, please be free to wholesale the best quality products at low cost from us. The customized service is also available with low price.

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