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  • Denmark Anti-Water Outdoor Balcony Project

    Denmark Anti-Water Outdoor Balcony ProjectDenmark is a beautiful country, owing wonderful natural environment and many modern urban architecture, make it become one of the world’s top countries. But it still has some unpleasant things, for example, its sort of heavy rainfall every year in winter.Read More

  • Anti-mildew WPC Outdoor Decking Flooring

    Anti-mildew WPC Outdoor Decking FlooringAnti-mildew WPC outdoor decoration floor, far away from mildew, the best choice to keep beautiful. If you are struggling with moldy wood floors, don't hesitate to change into a mildew resistant WPC outdoor decoration floor...Read More

  • Japan Environmental High - Quality Rooftop Outdoor Floor Works

    Japan Environmental High - Quality Rooftop Outdoor Floor WorksEnvironmental protection in the world has been a hot topic, in Asia, Japan for environmental quality requirements has been the most stringent. Because the outdoor floor exposed to the sun will be due to the sun emitting ultraviolet light and heat and produce invisible effects, such as ultraviolet light will damage the outdoor floor of the internal structure, then some problems like cracking / fading and so on would happen.Read More

  • Bulgaria Maintenance-Free Restaurant Decking Project

    Bulgaria Maintenance-Free Restaurant Decking ProjectIn the public places, such as pedestrian street, restaurant, and shopping mall, all have a high traffic. And in such places, if the environment needs to be maintained or painted every 6 months, there is no doubt would effect the commercial activities both merchants and clients, because of the inconvenient behavior and sharp smell.Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Anti - Fading & Anti - Cracking Outdoor Swimming Pool Floor Project

    Saudi Arabia Anti - Fading & Anti - Cracking Outdoor Swimming Pool Floor ProjectColor fading and cracking is the most common problem of outdoor wood flooring, and use in different environments would cause different problems. We take the swimming pool as an example, assuming that the swimming pool floor cracks and burrs happen sooner or later, it will easily cause harm to...Read More