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Easy To Install Wood Plastic Composite Garden Floor

As a new kind of material, wood - plastic composite material is not familiar to many people.What kind of material is wood - plastic composite...

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As a new kind of material, wood - plastic composite material is not familiar to many people.What kind of material is wood - plastic composite?What are the characteristics?Is it possible to install on deck?Let's follow up with the following.


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Main ingredients

The wood plastic composite material is made of polyethylene and polypropylene and PVC to replace the resin adhesive and mixed with more than fifty percent of the plant fiber, add plastic processing manufacturing and become a new type of plate.As a result of a certain proportion of plastic and wood powder mixture of the plates, so-called wood - plastic composite materials.Usually used in furniture, logistics packaging and building materials, especially the installation of outdoor decks, easy to operate.


The main features

Wood plastic composite main features:

first, because there are a high-performance plastic and wood fiber, so also are the basic properties of the wood, can nail saw the plane, and the power that grasps a hammer three to five times that of other ordinary wood.

Secondly, the physical properties of compressive and anti-deformation are very strong, so the durability is significantly higher than other common wood, and the hardness of the material is generally two to three times that of other wood.

Third, can resist acid-base, waterproof, have very waterproof and corrosion resistance.The service life is longer than normal wood, not afraid of long mold.

Fourth, because plastics can be polymerized and so on, so can change the density and strength of wood so as to achieve the anti-aging effect.

Fifth, green and environmental protection, raw materials are 100% recyclable and recycled materials so that the environment will not be polluted or harmful to the body.

Sixth, UV light has stable performance, good shading performance, strong plasticity, and can be customized according to demand.

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