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Israel Large Supermarket Outdoor Wall Board Project

Israel Large Supermarket Outdoor Wall Board Project

Israel large supermarket outdoor wall board project.

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Many people like the pattern and color of wood materials, decorated with it to bring people a natural green comfort.


But we also found that these traditional materials can maintain the original time is very short, and ultimately will face an unsolvable problem, that is, fade, cracking.



WPC appears to solve this problem, ten years, twenty years in the past Wood-plastic composites still look intact, will not affect the architectural beauty, and its installation and maintenance are very simple. WPC has become a lot of outdoor large-scale construction of the preferred materials.

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The products customer bought were【TF-04E Hollow Wall Panl】  (Click on the product model to learn more)

The total number of products customer bought was: 455(㎡)=4897.5792396(sq.ft)

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