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New Zealand Ranch Cabin Outdoor Wallboard Project

New Zealand Ranch Cabin Outdoor Wallboard Project

WPC Hollow Wall Panl

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New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, with an agricultural economy developed, natural pastures and farms covering half of the country's total area, and ranch huts can be seen everywhere.



In the past, antiseptic wood was a building material used in the construction of ranch huts, but the shortcomings of its easy fade were so distressing. Now more and more customers will choose to use Wood - plastic composite to decorate their ranch.



Wpc (wood-plasitc-composite) materials to join the special reagents can effectively reduce the external environment of the material damage, So there will be no leg color and cracking phenomenon.

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The products customer bought were【TF-04W Hollow Wall Panl】  (Click on the product model to learn more)

The total number of products customer bought was: 180(㎡)=1937.503875(sq.ft)

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