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Slovenian Family Environmental Protection Terrace Outdoor Flooring Works

Slovenian Family Environmental Protection Terrace Outdoor Flooring Works

For the safety of the family, it is important to use the right materials to protect the health of the family.

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The terrace is the coziest and most sacred place in a family, where one can chat with his wife and watch his children frolicking in his spare time. Definitely, it is the most enjoyable time in a day.

We love our families and will not allow anything to do any harm to them. However, some harm is invisible, such as toxic gas from wooden floor after being painted, pronged cracked floor which may hurt your children’s feet when they are playing around, and many other problems we are reluctant to have.

It is imperative to choose suitable and trustable materials for our families. And their safety should be our priority.




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The products customer bought were: 【TW-02B Hollow outdoor flooring】  (Click on the product model to learn more)

The total number of products customer bought was: 300 (㎡) = 3229(sq.ft)

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