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3D Embossing WPC Decking Floor From Asia

3D Embossing WPC Decking Floor From Asia

What is 3D embossed wood to decorate the floor?It refers to the use of 3D embossing technology to make the surface texture of wood-plastic decoration floor...

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What is 3D embossed wood to decorate the floor?It refers to the use of 3D embossing technology to make the surface texture of wood-plastic decoration floor.Coowin 3D Embossing WPC Decking Floor, From Europe,Compared with ordinary wood-plastic decoration floors, it has better decorative features, anti-slip performance and anti-wear performance.

3D embossing technology belongs to the surface texture technology of high end wood plastic decoration. It has a high requirement for the density, strength and hardness of the plate. The production process needs to maintain high temperature and high pressure.This technology is currently only a few producers master wood plastic floor, flowers and trees to produce 3 d pressure plastic decoration floor has a multidimensional, high density, high strength, high hardness, good toughness and homogeneous structure, etc.Unlike other wood - plastic flooring manufacturers, Coowin 3D embossing technology can not only be used in solid wood plastic flooring, but also can be applied to hollow wood plastic floor to meet more diversified needs of customers.

3D Embossing WPC Decking Floor represents the most advanced wood-plastic decoration Floor surface production level.The essence of 3D embossing technology is a kind of shallow relief technique, which can be carved on the surface of wood plastic floor about three millimeters in depth.This kind of 3D embossing surface can have a good adsorption effect to achieve effective anti-slip.At the same time, the 3D embossing can enhance the wear-resisting revolution of wood-plastic flooring, and improve the service life of wood-plastic flooring in the premise of keeping aesthetics.The multi-dimensional surface of the 3D embossing surface greatly expands the surface area of the wood and plastic floor, which is conducive to ventilation and moisture-proof.

Coowin 3D Embossing WPC Decking Floor,Technology and equipment from Europe, the carved surface is complete, uniform, smooth and excellent in quality;From Paris, London, and Barcelona, the art design, imitated real wood grain effect, beautiful.

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