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High-quality Craftsmanship Waterproof WPC Wall Panel

In wallboard construction process, the material performance requirements are extremely stringent, especially in the...

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In wallboard construction process, the material performance requirements are extremely stringent, especially in the construction and application of the complex environment, to fully consider the performance characteristics of waterproofing and corrosion and so on various aspects, it is crucial to meet different engineering requirements, especially in the continuous process, the development of the industry emerges wood plastic composite WPC panels have extremely high quality, so also can ensure that different can fully meet the construction requirements.


Good waterproof property

Now, waterproof outdoor engineering materials is of vital importance, most of the materials on the performance guarantee, to highlight the performance of wood plastic composite WPC material advantage is intuitive, but after meeting all aspects of the mature conditions, waterproofing property stronger wallboard will naturally get extensive application, which is to strengthen the engineering quality and the effective measures to improve the performance of waterproof, believe that to meet the demand of different construction also can play a positive role.


Abide by the construction requirements

Because many outdoor projects have the construction technology of the stringent requirements, will be on the comprehensive contrast of material performance has a unified standard, but on the waterproof performance is very excellent WPC wood plastic composite has a higher recognition, which is in order to improve the overall level of the engineering quality of change, believe it to cater to the development of the industry trend is also helpful, key can be combined with reasonable design concept to avoid the influence of uncertain factors.


Widely used quality board.

To sum up, the high-quality WPC wall panel has been widely used nowadays, it's also one of the many engineering cases canon waterproof performance has improved significantly, and the intuitive reflect performance advantages of wood plastic composites is also very important.


Brand NameCOOWIN
Model NumberTF-04K
Section Size157*21mm
Length2.2m~5.4m or customized
TypeWood composite material
AppearanceWood natural feel
Component50% wood flour, 38% plastic (HDPE), 12% others additive
Chemical AdditivesAnti-oxidation Agent,Anti-UV Agent,anti Fungus Agent,Flame retardant,Coupling agent,ect.
Service Life15~20 years,Dimensional Stability
15~20 years,Dimensional Stability100% recycle, environmental friendly





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