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Insect-resistant Villa Wood Plastic Wall Panel Cladding

Material improvement of living standards, make people's living conditions have stringent requirements, this also is in the invisible...

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Material improvement of living standards, make people's living conditions have stringent requirements, this also is in the invisible, paving the way for the rise of the villa and villa in the actual process of living, because the environment virescence condition is relatively optimistic, so the wooden villa building materials are inevitably affected by the bug eat by moth, at this time leave need to upgrade the exterior wall coating construction comprehensive, especially for the choice of the WPC material and construction is indispensable.


Reasonably avoid the damage caused by the moth.

As is known to all, the outer walls of the villa decoration inevitable to use woodiness material, it won't be able to avoid the phenomenon of eating by moth, but in today's material production process, you can avoid by means of the application of the WPC wood plastic composite, this to improve the efficiency of construction and the protection level there is a big help, at the same time also can ensure that different construction requirements are fully met, believe that the overall level of villa construction can also play a decisive role.


Outdoor cladding model TF-04D takes double style design, provide better soundproof and heat preservation effect.

With high efficient installation method, the surface can be shaped into grooves or wood-like form, applied for cottage  and hotels outer decoration.

————Wpc decking little knowledge————

In most parts of northern Canada and Europe, are faced with the phenomenon of cold, for wall panel cladding, the house is hot external cooler, can cause very big to the middle of the wall and wall damage, Wpc plastic wood anti condensation roof external wall panel cladding is coowin group more proud of technology research and development, successful in Iceland for 12 years, the effect of so basic can prove that under the low temperature of 60 ℃ below zero is can guarantee the quality of products.

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