5 Common Misconceptions About Composite Decking Boards

The composite material, as a new decorative material, has changed the deck decoration industry and opened up a whole new side. There is always a process for new decorative materials before they are accepted by the entire society. There are numerous misconceptions regarding the appearance, cost, and performance of composite materials. Let us now look at some common misconceptions about composite decking boards.

Traditionally, wood was a straightforward choice for decorative materials. Because there were few viable alternatives. People’s only option is no longer a wood deck. Composite decking materials have been a growing market for more than two decades. And it is being accepted and used by an increasing number of people. When compared to a wood deck, composite decking has numerous advantages. Such as low maintenance, waterproofing, mildew resistance, and ease of installation.

The price is prohibitively expensive

When composite decking was first introduced, it cost roughly three times as much as the deck. Before learning about the benefits and drawbacks of composite decking. Because of the high cost, people continue to prefer traditional wood decks. At the same time, the first-generation composite decking has a distinct plastic texture. For these reasons, it has never achieved the level of popularity that it seeks.

However, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology. The appearance of composite materials is becoming increasingly common. At the same time, the price has been significantly reduced. Composite decking is typical twice the price of pressure-treated timber decking. However, it is less expensive than hardwoods such as IPE. At the same time, composite decks have a low maintenance cost. After years of use, the total cost of composite decking is less than that of wood decking.


Composite decking requires no upkeep! This is a strong selling point, but it is not entirely accurate. Despite the fact that composite decking boards require less maintenance than pressure-treated lumber decking. And it does not imply that there is no upkeep. Composite decking will get dirty as well, and you will still need to clean it.

However, composite decking is easier to clean than wooden decking. Wine stains and oil stains are less likely to remain on the surface of composite decking than on wooden decks. Your composite decking can be refreshed every few months with a little soap and water. Although the term “maintenance-free” may be misleading, the low maintenance of composite decking is a fact.

Plastic sense is unmistakable

This may be a fair assessment for the first generation of composite decks decades ago. But, composite decking is currently one of the most beautiful outdoor decking materials. Composite decking has a great natural look and a solid wood appearance. Which provides the most appealing aesthetic appearance? Exquisite craftsmanship and technology produce extraordinary beauty and quality. Give your outdoor decorations a fresh new look.

The coloring and surface of the composite deck are applied during the manufacturing process. This means that homeowners can choose whatever color they want. There will always be a suitable composite decking to match your house, no matter what type of house you have. COOWIN is a popular brand of composite decking boards. Which can adapt to the needs of any family project. You can improve the appearance and resale value of your home by using modern composite materials.

It is difficult to install a composite deck

Other misconceptions about composite decking make installation difficult. In fact, composite deck installation is typically very simple for those who are familiar with deck installation. Composite materials are easier to install than most traditional wood decks due to the connection of the boards.

With the help of an easy-to-install clip system, according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Even if you have no prior experience installing outdoor decks, you can install new decks effectively. The deck will not warp, crack, or break after proper installation. After installing the composite deck, you can use it immediately without sealing it.

Composite decking will fade, stain, and scratch over time

This was true in the early days of first-generation composite decking. Third-generation composite materials, on the other hand, have a capped shell system. These capped boards are highly resistant to fading, stains, and scratches. Modern composite decking can withstand decades of bad weather, sunlight, and constant foot traffic. Furthermore, COOWIN composite decking comes with a 25-year warranty, which will alleviate your concerns.

Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular as society advances. If you are thinking about replacing wooden deck boards or building an outdoor living space with a composite deck. Please contact us as soon as possible; we can provide free samples. Allow you to gain a better understanding of the composite deck, and our professional team can clear up any confusion about composite decking.


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