5 secrets about solid laminate flooring

Since a long time ago, wood has been used as a superior material for building houses and making furniture. In modern life, there are various kinds of building materials, but wooden furniture is still the best type.

However, with the destruction of the global environment and the growth of population, quality trees are becoming less and less available, so the application of wood-plastic composites is becoming more and more accepted. Today we introduce the five secrets of solid wood composite flooring.

1. The difference between laminate flooring and traditional wood flooring.

For us, wood flooring will never go out of fashion. While bringing people wonderful enjoyment, there are corresponding limitations and drawbacks, such as shortage of wood materials, high maintenance costs, and problems such as decay and moths.

Wood plastic composite flooring overcomes these problems and is extremely similar to wood flooring. If one does not look closely, one would think it is wood flooring.

2. Easy to clean and maintain

Although the wood flooring is beautiful, but it is troublesome to maintain. It is not easy to clean, easy to corrode, and in some places it will be bitten by termites. When using laminate flooring, you only need to wash it with soap and water when the floor is dirty. Due to the characteristics of wood plastic materials, they are not afraid of termites such as termites.

3. High combustion point, good fire performance

Another disadvantage of wood flooring is that it is easy to burn. If a fire occurs, the flammability of wood will cause the fire to expand rapidly. However, the combustion point of wood-plastic composite flooring is relatively high, and the burning speed is much slower, which will give people higher security.

4. Absorbs more heat than wood flooring

Wood plastic composite floors retain more heat than traditional wood, so they will be hotter if they are in a sunny location. But they are still cooler than concrete, and you can reduce the amount of heat it absorbs by choosing a lighter color.

5. Most importantly, wood-plastic composite decking is less costly

Wood plastic composite flooring is easy to install, which saves labor and installation time, thus reducing the overall project cost. After installation, it can save you a lot of maintenance costs due to its excellent fireproof, insect-proof, corrosion-proof and easy-to-clean features.


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