7 Factors for Choosing Composite Decking

An outdoor deck provides more space for guests, increases the value of your home, is aesthetically pleasing, and doesn’t cost much. Obviously, adding a deck to your home is a great idea. Deciding to add an outdoor deck to your home is a wise choice.

However, some people don’t have an easy decision to make, and first-time homebuyers in particular can have a difficult time making the choice. Their image of a deck may be limited to the wooden structure of their childhood home. However, if you are building a deck for the first time, COOWIN composite decking is usually the best choice. Here are seven reasons why you should choose composite decking for your new deck.

Longer Service Life

Composite decking boards are much more durable than decks made of wood. Composite decking is made of wood fibers with recycled plastics and additives. Composite decking lasts longer and is more weather-resistant than decks made from wood alone. Wind, rain, and sunlight can do more damage to wood than to composite decking materials.

Normally, a properly maintained and cared-for wood deck will last around 10-15 years. While a properly installed and maintained composite decking can last about 25-30 years.

Doesn’t Require Much Maintenance

Composite decking was made to solve the problems people have with standard wood decks. One of the common complaints people have is that wood decks require a long period of maintenance to keep them looking good. This means watching out for mold, cracks, splits, and rot.

Composite decking materials, on the other hand, do not require as much maintenance. Those who choose COOWIN composite decking don’t have to worry about cracks, rot, mold, staining, or once-a-year sealing. Composite decking boards may have some surface mold and stains. But by cleaning the deck surface with a mild household cleaner and a soft brush, these problems can be quickly resolved.

Staining, sanding, and power washing a wood deck can take hours or even days. So for those who don’t want to spend too much time and money on deck maintenance, wood decking is clearly not the best choice.

Composite decking boards do not splinter at all. So for kids who may walk around barefoot, composite decking is a good choice. For families who like to take off their shoes while relaxing outdoors, there is an added benefit. COOWIN composite decking won’t get too hot like wood decking.


Can Keep the Color for a Long Time

One of the major reasons why people choose composite decking products is that their colors can stay the same for a long time. There is no difference in the color of composite decking boards from the same batch, they all look the same. This is a major advantage over wood decks: a uniformly colored deck attracts more attention.

In addition, traditional wood decks can fade to a grayish, silvery-gray color if they are not sealed and stained regularly. COOWIN composite decking boards, on the other hand, contain UV inhibitors that allow them to be exposed to frequent and prolonged sunlight without fading. This means you don’t need to spend too much effort to keep it looking beautiful.

Won’t Get Insects or Rot

You must treat your wood deck to keep it free from insects and other pests. In most cases, heavy metals such as arsenic and pesticides are mixed in during the pressure treatment process. Over time, as the wood decomposes, these treatments can pose a danger to children, pets, and people. Without these solutions, wood is vulnerable to pest infestations.

Composite decking materials are naturally immune to pests, fungus, and decay due to the materials used to make them and how they are made. This means that you don’t need to treat your deck with chemicals at all to have good protection against pests and mold. Then, you don’t need to worry about your deck causing damage to children and pets.


Composite Decking Continues to Innovate

On the other hand, composite decking materials can be improved over time, and wood is a natural material that doesn’t change. COOWIN’s research and development team is always improving the product to solve problems and make it better.

This has resulted in a significant improvement in the appearance of composite decking products. Since the composite decking material was introduced, it looks more like wood, which also helps to keep the colors more vibrant and even. These facts mean that people who choose COOWIN can be sure that they are buying the best possible product, made with the most advanced materials, production methods, and research.

Environmentally Friendly

It takes a lot of trees to build a standard wood deck. How many trees are needed depends on how big the deck is. With each tree cut down, less oxygen is released into the environment and the shade and protection that some plants and animals need to survive is lost. Wood fibers and recyclable plastics are used to produce composite decking. This means that the number of trees cut down to build the same-sized deck using composite decking materials is far less than the number of trees needed to build a wood deck.

On the other hand, the production of composite decking also recycles a large amount of recyclable plastic. In other words, the promotion or use of composite decking can reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfills. This is unlike traditional wood decking, which encourages people to cut down trees, thereby damaging the environment.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

While composite decking typically costs more to install than regular wood decking. However, when you add up the cost of maintaining a wood deck every year for ten years, the total cost of purchase and maintenance is almost the same. If the homeowner intends to do any maintenance on the wood deck themselves, they should also add the cost of their time to the total cost of the deck. Composite decking lasts longer than wood decking. Therefore, the total cost of composite decking is also lower than the total cost of wood decking over the entire life of the deck.

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