Advantages Of Composite Wood

Composite timber is a brand new environmental production which is made of wood powder and recycled plastic mainly. These two things above are mixed to be composite timber particles, then we put these particles into extruder, finally gain the WPC decking as the finished production.

Outdoor composite timber consists of PE, wood powder(or bamboo powder),then add additives to produce. The produce process including mixing, pelleting, extruding and final cutting. This genre of decking can be applied for landscape decor, villa and other outdoor platforms.

Wood plastic composite is based on wooden material (wood fiber, plant fiber) , thermoplastic material and additive agents. Mix all materials above, put into specific mold, after heating and extruding process, there is the final high technology green material. It combines the features of wood and plastic, can be an alternative as wood or plastic. It comes from the raw material wood and plastic, so we call it Wood Plastic Composite, and WPC in short.

Composite timber decking is one of decking made of timber plastic composite material, owing the same workable feature like wood, so it can be cut, drilled or nailed by simple tools, really convenient. Meanwhile it has the same wooden texture on the surface and waterproof, rot proof characters like plastic, all above advantages make it to be a high grad durable outdoor building material.

The advantages of composite timber

1.Sound proof & heat insulation

Composite timber is made of hard material somehow, so the construction is hard the same, which can provide a low heat conduction. This feature means it has better performance of sound proof and heat insulation, compare with the concrete, ceramic and steel.

2.Can adjust the humidity

The wooden features of composite timber is : it can release the inner water when the surrounding climate is too dry; for the opposite it can absorb water in the air when the climate is too humid. It can certainly adjust the humidity to the most suitable level for human body through the release and absorb process. And the scientific data shows that human life can be lengthened if we live in this wooden house for long time.

3.Warm in winter & cool in summer

In winter, the temperature of composite timber surface is generally 8℃~10℃ higher than ceramic and no cold feeling when walking on it. In summer, the temperature of composite timber surface is usually 2℃~3℃ lower than ceramic.

4.Environmental friendly

Main raw material of composite timber comes from renewable forest, no painting at all, neither have radiation like ceramic tiles, nor have formaldehyde like pure plastic laying. It’s a totally green, hon-toxic ground building material.


Composite timber material is pretty tight and hard with good anti-rot feature, its service life can last for several decades for normal use.

Disadvantages of real solid wood decking

Complex maintenance

Usually it requires quite complex method to install the real wood floor and it would happen series of problem if the installation didn’t work well at the beginning, such as noise when walking on it. And if the inner climate is too humid or dry, problem like bow, distort, out of shape will be easy to happen. Also there are still some maintenance work like waxing and oiling need to be done regularly, otherwise the luster of the floor surface would disappear soon.

High price

The price of real wood decking has been in high level for long time.


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