Can I put a fire pit on composite decking?

There’s nothing like enjoying life around a fire pit with family and friends on a warm evening. Fire pits create a warmer, more cozy atmosphere and make your outdoor space look more attractive. However, many homeowners believe that fire pits on composite decking are dangerous and could start a fire. Can I put a fire pit on composite decking? This is a common question.

In fact, by maintaining the right precautions and dos and don’ts, you can put a fire pit on composite decking with confidence. In this article, we’ll go over some of the dos and don’ts and precautions of fire pits for composite decks to make sure that you can use them safely.

Precautions for putting a fire pit on composite decking

We’ll explain some of the key considerations and safe ways to use them. So you can feel more comfortable enjoying the good life with a fire pit in your outdoor space.

Check your local building codes

Checking local building codes and ordinances is essential for placing a fire pit on your outdoor deck. Some areas may have clear regulations regarding fire pits and their placement, and some authorities may restrict the use and installation of fire pits altogether. Ensure that the various codes and regulations are strictly adhered to and that the right precautions are taken. This can prevent any legal issues or safety hazards.

Installing a spark screen

If you plan to use a fire pit on composite decking, then it is best to install a spark screen on the fire pit. Spark screens help prevent sparks or ash from escaping and igniting the composite material, which plays an important role in preventing fires from starting.

Additionally, spark screens provide extra protection for you and your family from the hidden hazards of sparks and debris. Ensure proper use and installation by using a spark screen that fits the fire pit specifically and follows the manufacturer’s installation recommendations.

Use heat-resistant materials

To protect your composite deck from heat damage, it is important to place heat-resistant materials underneath the fire pit. Place a heat-resistant barrier or insulating mat, such as a fire pit mat or deck protector, between the fire pit and the deck surface. These products are usually made of non-combustible materials and form a protective layer that prevents the transfer of heat that can lead to a fire.

Make sure the insulation is large enough to contain the entire fire pit and extend around it. Adequate coverage will protect your outdoor space from damage and goes a long way toward safe fire pit use.

Maintain spacing

When placing a fire pit on a composite deck, it is important to maintain proper spacing between the fire pit and surrounding structures or objects. In general, composite materials are stronger and more heat-resistant than traditional wood decks. However, damage and warping can still occur if the deck is exposed to extreme heat for extended periods of time. So follow the manufacturer’s instructions for clearance requirements.

Make sure the area around the deck is clean tidy and free from any flammable materials. If ash falls on dry leaves or flammable materials, it can easily ignite and spread. Sweeping the deck regularly plays an important role in ensuring safe use.

fire pit on composite decking

Monitor the fire

When using a fire pit, make sure there is always someone around to keep an eye on it, especially if you are using it on a deck. Regularly monitor and observe the fire to ensure that it is brought under control in a timely manner. This will effectively protect your deck from heat and unexpected situations.

Keep a water source or fire extinguisher around the fire pit in case of an emergency. The best way to ensure the safety of your deck and yourself is to have a plan in place before a situation arises.

Consider a gas fireplace

In addition to using a traditional wood-burning fire pit, consider using a gas fire pit. This is a safer composite decking fire pit option. Gas fire pits use safer propane or natural gas, so they don’t produce sparks and embers like traditional fire pits.

A gas fire pit also allows you to easily control the flame, turning it on or off at any time. And it can be better designed to match existing styles and blend in with the deck. This type of fire pit can provide the same cozy atmosphere without the worry of damage to composite materials.

Regular cleaning

In order for composite decks to remain in good condition as well as safe for use, it is important to keep them regularly cleaned and maintained. Sweep your deck surface regularly or use a leaf blower to remove debris, leaves, or flammable materials from your deck.

Prevent discoloration and damage to your deck by immediately removing spills, stains, or embers from fire pits. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for cleaning composite deck boards; using professional cleaning tools will make maintenance easier.

Pay attention to the weather

It may not sound reasonable, but it’s best not to use a fire pit when the weather isn’t right. Using a fire pit in strong winds is very dangerous, as sparks can travel farther and ignite other items. Strong winds can also cause a fire pit to burn more vigorously, making it more likely to cause an emergency.

Consider alternatives

If you’re not sure if you want to place a fire pit on your composite deck, or if local codes strictly prohibit the use of fire pits. Then you may want to consider using other ways to create a similar atmosphere. An electric tabletop fire pit or an electric heater can provide homeowners with the same cozy ambiance and won’t produce the open flames and ashes that traditional fire pits do.

Outdoor Kitchen

Using alternatives to traditional fire pits is much safer. They can be placed directly on a table or deck without causing damage or warping of furniture and decks.


To summarize, you can certainly put a fire pit on composite decking. However, you need to follow strict precautions and some precautions. Check local codes and ordinances, choose a fire pit with a spark screen, or add a more heat-resistant material. These precautions can make your use safer and won’t cause any damage to your deck.

Or you can get to the root of the problem and use a gas fire pit instead of a traditional one. Not only will it give you the same ambiance and warmth, but it won’t harm your deck at all.

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