Composite Decking and Wood Deck of Advantages and Disadvantages

When you are looking to create an outdoor deck project, you may be wondering whether it is better to use wood or composite decking material for your new deck. You can read this blog post to learn more about the differences between wood decking and composite decking.

To choose the right decking material for you, you need to understand the differences between them first. Then you have to choose the best decking material for you, taking into account your actual situation.

What is a Deck?

A deck is usually a type of decking that is used outdoors to build a porch area or outdoor living space. While a deck looks the same as a patio, decks can often be built as multi-level decks or high-level decks.

Wood decking and composite decking are the two main types of decks that are most popular today. Wood and composite decking materials vary in appearance. composite decking materials look more uniform, while wood looks more realistic. Both types will meet your needs.

Wood Decking

Wood comes from trees and can grow over and over again. It also looks warm and many people like to use it in their homes. One advantage of wood decks is that they are easy to repair and repaint. This means they can last for a long time. Since wood types and colors naturally vary, you may need the help of a professional to find matching wood if you need to refinish your wood deck.

Wood decks can also be made from many different types of wood. Pressure-treated lumber, cedar lumber, and redwood lumber are a few of the most popular. Each wood deck has its own differences that make your home look unique.

Composite Decking

Recycled plastic and wood fibers are mixed together to make composite decking. The surface of composite decking looks very much like wood, but without the natural differences of wood. If you want your deck to look neat and tidy, this may be a good choice.

For the most part, composite decking boards cost more than wood decks, but they last longer and don’t require much maintenance. They do not need to be sealed like wood decks.


What is the Difference Between Wood Decking and Composite Decking?

There are pros and cons to both wood decking and composite decking. To find the one that’s best for you, you’ll need to compare them side-by-side based on different performance factors, which is what we’ll do below:


One of the best things about composite decking materials is that they don’t require much maintenance. To remove dirt and other things from the surface, all you need to do is clean it every once in a while.

Natural wood, on the other hand, needs to be stained and sealed repeatedly to keep it out of the weather. If natural wood decking is not maintained, it will rot and wear out, which means it may have to be expensively repaired in the future.



Composite decking lasts much longer than solid wood decking. It’s a good choice if you have kids or pets because it won’t warp, crack, or splinter like wood. Mold can also grow on wood decks, which can be a big problem if you live in a humid area.


The natural beauty of a wood deck is a big reason why people choose it. Many people like the warm look of wood in their homes. On the other hand, composite decking materials don’t change color naturally like wood does, so if you want your deck to look neat and tidy, composite decking boards are better.


Wooden decks are usually cheaper than composite decking, but require more maintenance. It costs more to build composite decking than wood, but it lasts longer and doesn’t require much maintenance.

This means that composite decking will pay for itself over time. This is because it requires less maintenance to remain aesthetically pleasing and well-used.



In any case, it is best to have the decking installed by a professional. Only then can you be sure that the job is done correctly and safely. Of course, if you are a DIY handyman, you can also build your outdoor deck yourself by following the supplier’s installation instructions.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural wood decking and composite decking are both environmentally friendly to some extent, but the degree of environmental friendliness differs. Wood comes from natural trees and breaks down on its own over time, while composite decking materials are made from things that have already been used, such as wood fibers or plastic bottles.


Wooden decks can catch fire, so if you want a deck that won’t catch fire, a wooden deck isn’t a good choice. Composite decking materials have a higher fire rating, which means they don’t catch or burn easily. It won’t crack or slip, so it’s a good choice if you have pets or children.


Which Decking Material Should I Choose?

What kind of decking material is best for you depends on your requirements and needs. If you want a deck that looks great, lasts a long time, and doesn’t require much maintenance, composite decking is a good choice.

For natural materials that are both beautiful and good for the planet, wood decking is the best choice. Whichever material you choose, make sure you know exactly what to expect before you buy it.


At COOWIN, we can help you pick the right composite decking material. We have a wide range of composite decking that is not allowed, and no matter what style of outdoor decking you want to build, we have the right color and finish for you. We can also provide you with free samples of composite decking to give you a better understanding of the material.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, Wood Decking or Composite Decking?

It is up to you to decide! You can choose between wood decking and composite decking, but which one you choose depends on your requirements and taste. If you want to save money, wood is a good choice because it is cheaper than composite decking material. Composite decking, on the other hand, is more durable than wood and doesn’t require much care or maintenance, making it a good long-term investment.

Should I Paint or Stain My Composite Decking?

No. Composite decking doesn’t require any special maintenance and you won’t have to paint or stain it for years to keep it looking good. It is also resistant to water and UV rays from the sun, so it is a good choice if you live by the sea or in a hot place.

Can I Install Composite Decking Myself?

If you have relevant carpentry experience or are a DIYer, you can follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of composite decking. Because composite decking is easy to install.

But in many cases, it is best to let a professional do the work. This will ensure that your deck is assembled properly so that it will last for years to come! Professionals know how to do the job correctly and have the right tools.

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