Composite Decking VS Traditional Wood Decking

With the development of the building material. The wood plastic composite material is becoming more and more popular. Because of its high strength and low maintenance. Wood decking plays an important role in house building and decorating. Nowadays, composite decking is regarded as the replacement for real wood decking. The new building can be explored to find more about its pros compared with traditional wood decking. So what differences are between traditional wood decking and composite decking.

Choosing the right building material at the beginning of the building project is important. Especially making sure the quality of the decking in the following days. We need to learn about the differences between these two different building materials. Including their advantages and disadvantages. Here we go the first step to creating a cool decking for your own.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is the traditional decking made of wood, 100% natural, with eye-catching colors and patterns. No extra sanding surface treatment is required during the production process. Wood building materials are from cedar, pine, redwood, and many other types of wood. The quantity of trees is cut down to make decking in the factory which can waste natural resources. Wood decking can avoid the harms caused by the changes in climate, temperature, and other elements outdoor. It’s also hard to get the well-grown trees from nature all year round. The wood material can be faded, exposed to the sun and rain.

A lot of people like wood decking because of its natural look, texture, and color. Wood decking can be made with exotic style to show its beautiful and graceful appearance. Wood decking needs regular maintenance to decrease the impairment of the environment, keeping it look great all the time. The environmental humidity of the surrounding air will make corrosion problems to the wood, which is a bad method for keeping wood in the long run. The color of wood decking will be changed gradually as time goes by; faded wood decking cannot look the same as before.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a type of new-found building material that is the replacement of wood decking. Composite material is used to make composite decking, which is the new method to create a decking board with advanced technology. You can click here to know how composite decking is made in the factory. The composite decking made in this way will become more and more popular for a variety of reasons in the following:

Modern composite decking can mimic the patterns, colors, and texture of wood decking to the maximum extent, but without using wood material so much. This is a revolutionary change for decreasing the waste of natural wood.

Composite decking doesn’t have much maintenance, saving time and money for users. Using composite cannot be a complicated task.

Composite decking lasts longer. It can last for decades.

Composite decking can be made into different styles, including groove style, 3D embossing style, and sanding style. Composite decking can be coated with different layers to create different surfaces.

Colors are normally guaranteed against fading which means that your composite decking can be used for several decades to keep it naturally colorful.

Composite decking is much heavier than wood decking because of its high density. The cost of the composite decking is much higher, in the long run, composite decking can save money and time for you because you don’t need any complicated maintenance work anymore.


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