Different styles of outdoor decking boards

You want to use composite decking and other decorative items to build a platform. Before you build outdoor decking boards, you need to think about how they are made. The answer will depend on where the deck is.

If your house is big, you have a lot of deck options. If the house is small, the yard is on a slope, or there are other problems. So you need to think of a different way to build your deck.


The accessory deck is made of composite decking or wood and is slightly raised, just like the terrace. Behind an L-shaped or U-shaped house is a common place for decks to connect.

The deck can be used as a bridge to get from one part of the L-shaped house to the other. At the same time, it gives the family more space to live outside, making the deck more useful and a part of their living space.

Decks that stand-alone or float

Unlike the accessory deck, the free-standing deck can be put anywhere in the family space and is easy to get to by paths or steps. Concrete terraces need to be set up on a flat, smooth surface. Free-standing platforms are better than concrete terraces for areas with poor drainage or that are rough, rocky, or uneven.

A floating deck is also a kind of independent deck. It connects houses, terraces, or other deck areas with composite deck walkways.

Around-the-house deck

Part of it can be bigger, bumpier, and more like a room than the porch, kind of like an old-fashioned porch that wraps around the house.

Multi-layer deck

Most of the time, multi-layer decks are made up of a series of different deck levels connected by steps or paths.

Most of the time, the terrain determines whether or not you need a multi-deck. Hills, slopes, and rocky areas may not be able to handle anything but a multi-deck. In other words, a multi-layer deck is the best choice when you can build a deck on a slope or rocky part of your yard.

Side yard deck

A lot of people forget about the sideyard. If you don’t use this space very often. But it should only be used to get from the front yard to the back yard. Why not turn this area into something that can be used?

You don’t have to leave your house to turn this space into a quiet, private place. Then you can go on your own vacation. You can also add a hot tub and some plants that you like to make this a really relaxing place.

Deck for swimming pool

Building a deck around the swimming pool is a good idea. The deck is not easy to slip on and will not burn the feet of swimmers like stone or concrete would. Since a solid wood deck will crack and chip, a wood-plastic composite deck that won’t crack is a better choice.

Entrance deck

The entrance deck is kind of like a front porch that doesn’t cover the whole ceiling. The design of the building as a whole includes composite decorative steps and platforms. On this kind of deck, benches or flower pots are sometimes built in.

Outdoor dining deck

As an extension of the kitchen or dining room, the dining table may have grills, counters, places to prepare food, and outdoor dining tables. This kind of deck can be simple or complicated, depending on your budget and available space.

If you want to build an outdoor kitchen that has everything you need, it is smart to put it close to your indoor kitchen.


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