How can I choose the composite decking material color?

Composite decking not only outperforms wood in terms of weather resistance. However, its look has provided us with additional options that can fulfill the needs of various decoration styles. So, how can we choose the composite decking color? You don’t just get to choose between light and dark brown. There are thousands of various background colors to choose from, ranging from mountain mahogany to silver wood. And each of these can elicit a different set of emotions.

You don’t have to be an expert designer or artist to figure out which colors go well together. You will learn how to choose a composite decking color by following the steps outlined below.

The color series

Traditional composite ornamental colors are classified into four categories. They are as follows:– Brown (red-brown, red-brown art, teak, dark teak, oak)– Reddish-brown (red pine, red pine art, redwood, redwood art)– White/log color (white, cedar)– Gray (light gray, blue-gray, smoke gray, stone gray)

Color-Selection Guidelines

First, you should filter your search based on the color scheme of your home and your particular preferences. The following suggestions are intended to assist you in selecting the composite material color. You can design it however you like!

Do not choose the precise match

Many people believe that if you do not know how to match the hue. Then you have the option of selecting the same color. However, it should not be applied to your outdoor deck.

Using the same color as the outside of your house for your deck will make it look drab. Instead of matching, attempt to choose complementary hues. Dark and light hues, for example, create a sharp contrast and add a sense of hierarchy to your home. This design will never go out of style.

Consider how to generate fascinating contrasts when designing your floor and wall paneling. If your external wall is particularly vibrant, such as the blue wall seen above, you can choose any neutral color floor. If your walls are light-medium in hues, such as taupe or beige, the rich reddish-brown deck is a nice complement.

Take note of the backdrop color

You should consider the background color unless you select pure white or pitch black. COOWIN’s art color series design is based on our proprietary color mixing technique, which has dark color lines on light color background.

Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors, whereas green, blue, and purple are cool colors, according to the color wheel you learned in school. Although you do not need to keep all of the backdrop colors the same, it is advised that the deck and home appear warm or chilly.

As a result, if the color scheme of your home is gray with a blue background. You may need to select a decorative panel with a chilly green, blue, or purple background. Of course, if your home is all white, these guidelines are obsolete – you may do whatever you want!

Create a procedure

Do you want your deck to feel like an extension of your home rather than a separate space? Select composite decking colors that match or complement your floor to create a flow between the interior and exterior of your property. When you go outside, it feels like you’re entering a different room of the house.

Consider the weather

The color of your deck isn’t only for show, it can also serve a functional purpose. Dark surfaces absorb light and heat more quickly than light surfaces, which reflect light and keep your deck cool. This is not to suggest that the white deck in direct sunshine cannot be heated during the summer months. However, it will be more comfortable for your bare feet than the dark brown deck.

Never forget to order samples!

Before purchasing full composite decking boards, you should always purchase samples of composite boards. Some composite decking companies can provide free samples. It will provide you with a better grasp of this composite material and alleviate your concerns.

COOWIN has 22 years of experience in production, research and development, and design. Our composite floor wallboard has a patented color scheme that is very close to the texture and color of natural wood. Each board is distinct. We also offer product selection, paving schemes, 3D renderings, samples, and other services to our customers. To ensure that you purchase the highest quality and most elegant composite decking goods.

COOWIN and its partners are delighted to provide you with all of the aforementioned services. For example, product selection, design, paving scheme, samples, and so on. Please contact us right away if you have any questions!


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