How Long Does It Take to Install Composite Wood Decking?

How long does it take to install composite decking? There are probably a lot of people who are worried about this question. There is no single right answer to this question. Building an outdoor deck is affected by a lot of different factors, and we can give you a general time frame based on those factors.

Building a traditional wood deck or installing composite decking can take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks. The composite decking material is easy to work with using common woodworking tools because it is easy to cut and place.

What You Need to Do to Build Composite Decking

The work of laying an outdoor composite decking can be roughly divided into two stages. The first step is planning and designing the deck. The second step is installing the composite decking boards.

Planning and designing a composite decking can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Once the color, model, and type of composite decking boards have been chosen, installation can begin. Laying composite wood decking can take 2 to 8 weeks.

Google may tell you that it can take up to three weeks to make the deck. However, if you want a one-of-a-kind deck, this is impossible to do. For decks with fewer features, this may be feasible.


Factors Affecting the Time It Takes to Build a Composite Decking

Few things can determine how long deck construction will take. We’ll explain whether each factor will lengthen or shorten the completion time.

Deck Size

How long does it take to build a deck? It can vary greatly depending on the size of the deck being built. The larger the deck, the longer it will take to plan when making composite wood decking. It also requires more composite decking material, meaning a longer build time.

Complexity of Design

It goes without saying that it takes longer to plan and build an outdoor deck that has many different features. Making such a deck takes longer because you have to plan it and check that the calculations are correct.

When two people build the same size outdoor deck, one uses a simple square plan while the other uses a curved pattern design. To be sure, it takes longer to build a deck with many different patterns.

Built-in Components

When using composite decking boards in your outdoor living space, you can also add some useful features to make it more comfortable. Composite wood decking can be used to add fire pits, deck stairs, and other furniture. If you need to add more features, the deck will take longer to build.

Land and Weather

Outdoor deck projects can be done at any time of the year, which is good news. One of the benefits of building an outdoor deck is that you can still live in your home while building your outdoor project.

However, sometimes the outdoors isn’t safe for builders. Examples include snowstorms, large hail, scorching cold weather, and strong thunderstorms.

When it’s cold outside, the ground can also freeze. This makes it more difficult to dig for concrete supports and extends the time it takes to build an outdoor deck.

However, when the ice melts in the spring, the ground may be too wet or muddy to work on. If these conditions occur during construction, they may be detrimental to the end result rather than helpful.

Wet boots can leave scratches on pressure-treated wood and composite decking. Everyone knows that mud makes things dirty and dangerous. It may be difficult to dig deep enough for support in this weather.

If the job site is too wet, it’s best to stop until the mud dries out. This will help you build a better, stronger deck outside.


Inspecting the Job

By law, some construction projects must be reviewed to make sure the builder is following the rules. Of course, laws and rules vary from region to region, so it’s important to follow the rules in your area when building an outdoor deck.

Inspectors have their own schedules, and we sometimes have to wait for them to complete one task before moving on to the next.

When to Start the Deck Design Phase

Designing and planning a composite decking can take 4 to 8 weeks.

During the design process, you can go online to find the style you want or hire an architect to help you. A team of professionals who construct buildings can also give you some good help. Once you are happy with the final plan, the contractor will give you a fixed price agreement.

After that, we can start getting the things we need, the permits we need, and the final building plans and drawings we need to produce.

We can’t start building right away because it all takes time. We’ve already said that if the outdoor deck is bigger and more complex, it will take us longer before we start building.


It’s Time to Build the Deck

It can take anywhere from two to eight weeks to complete the building portion of composite decking.

Software for Tracking Construction Projects

Many construction workers use tools to track their projects. This software lets you know when they can start working on the deck. You can also use the software to find out how the decking project is progressing and when the next build will take place.

Order Changes

In any work process, unexpected events can lead to changes. We call them change orders. Most change orders fall into two categories.

1. Owner-initiated change orders

During the course of construction, you want to change something that’s not in the fixed-price agreement or building plans.

This is a homeowner-initiated change order: you are building a deck outside and want to change the color of some roofing materials after seeing them.

COOWIN composite decking

2. Change Orders to Plans

Change orders happen all the time in the home repair industry. A contractor can’t possibly know everything about your house before you sign a contract. During the construction process, new problems may arise that need to be fixed.

For example, over time, the part of the old deck that connects to the house may become damp and break. This means the deck will need to be rebuilt. These areas need to be repaired before construction of a new deck can begin. If this is not done, they may damage the side of the house over time.

Regardless of the reason for the change order, the work area and the agreed-upon price will be changed. When you make changes, the price may be different than what was agreed upon at the beginning. These changes may also extend the time it takes to build the deck.

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