How should I choose decks and terraces?

Although the  “deck” and “terrace” are often used confusingly, there are some important differences between the two. Homeowners who want to build a deck or terrace must weigh the pros and cons of various options to avoid making mistakes.

This article tells you the difference, advantages and disadvantages of composite decking and terraces so that you can clarify the scope of your choice.

The difference between deck and terrace

The terrace is a multi-purpose outdoor space, usually made of concrete, brick, stone, ceramic tiles and other materials. Terraces are usually built directly on the ground, and they may be less expensive than building elevated or multi-deck decks. Although many terraces can be built directly outside the house, they can also be built as independent spaces in the middle of the yard.

It is usually easier to maintain a terrace, especially when compared to a wooden deck. However, the deck can be constructed with materials that level the playing field. This is why it is more difficult to construct composite decks and concrete terraces. It is not just a matter of material costs. If you plan to sell your home, you must also consider factors such as maintenance requirements and resale value return on investment (ROI).

The cost of building composite decking and terraces

Which is cheaper, deck or terrace? To compare the cost of the deck and terrace in an accurate way, you need to look at these factors. The main differences boil down to material costs, the scale of work, project location, and any additional features you want to include, such as built-in seats, multi-layer or recessed lighting.

For example, building a terrace directly on the ground is cheaper than building a raised terrace. Similarly, it is usually cheaper to build ordinary decks on flat ground than floating decks, raised decks, or round decks. In addition, due to the labor cost required to level the land, the construction of terraces on uneven terrain, etc. will greatly increase the price of the project.

The cost of building a deck is approximately US$28 per square foot, and the cost of building a terrace is approximately US$15 per square foot. For example, the cost of building a 15×15 terrace is approximately between US$2,000 and US$5,000.

In contrast, the average cost of building a deck of the same size is between US$4,000 and US$9,000. Although the cost of building a deck is a bit higher, a direct comparison between the cost of building a terrace and a deck can be misleading. Although terraces are cheaper in the short term, they are not necessarily cheaper in the long run.

Which has a higher return on investment

Every year, Remodeling Magazine lists 21 popular renovation projects and evaluates how much value these projects have added to the home sales process. The latest data shows that the value-added of the terrace is about 50% of its cost, while the value-added of the deck is close to 60-75%.

Asymmetrical comparisons between complex decks and simple terraces, such as composite decks and concrete terraces, look better with more complex textures.

In addition, it is important to weigh regional factors. In areas where outdoor lifestyles are popular, decks tend to add more value. Although the terrace is not restricted by area, in general, due to the lower maintenance cost of the composite deck, the value of choosing a deck is a little higher.

Composite deck can better realize design requirements

Terraces are a good choice for some types of houses, while decks are a better choice for other houses. The composite deck can be customized according to your design requirements, which is conducive to achieving a more unique design style and bringing you a different life experience.

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