How to choose a better composite decking

Every homeowner wants a clean and durable outdoor space, so it’s important to choose the right material for your deck. Composite decking has become increasingly popular in the marketplace as a low-maintenance alternative to traditional materials. Choosing the right composite decks for your outdoor space can greatly increase its beauty, durability, and functionality. But with so many options on the market today, it can be confusing to choose the right decking for you. In the next article, we will explore how to choose a better composite decking to provide you with an easier purchase.

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is a new type of composite material made from a blend of recycled wood and renewable plastic. These two materials make up a very durable deck. Composite decks offer superior appeal over traditional wood. And it is stronger and more durable, requiring less maintenance and care.

Because of its special materials and construction, it tends to last longer. Composite decking typically lasts 25-30 years, and with some of the better quality decking options, it can last even longer than 30 years.

Different types of composite decks

As composite decking evolves, the variety of options becomes more and more varied. However, these decks are usually divided into the following categories, and COOWIN is no exception. Next, we will bring you the types of COOWIN composite decking boards so that you can understand more about this new type of decking.

Solid composite decking

Solid composite decking is one of the easiest decks to make. They have the obvious advantages of being strong, durable, long-lasting, and looking more like solid wood. This is a good choice if you want a more durable deck. However, there are some disadvantages. Solid composite decking is more expensive, more difficult to transport, heavier, and more prone to warping due to moisture.

Hollow composite decking

Hollow composite decking is lighter in weight, so it is very easy to install and transport. Despite its low price, it still has good durability. As the name implies, hollow composite boards have a hollow structure. This makes them ideal for use in areas where cables and wires need to be installed.

Because of its hollow structure, it is not easily affected by expansion and warping. However, hollow composite decks look more like plastic and can be damaged by severe impacts.

Uncapped composite decking

As the first generation of composite deck boards, it is solid and durable, but very susceptible to mold and moisture. It requires more care and maintenance to maintain its durability and longevity. This is contrary to the original intention of composite decking to be durable and convenient. So this type of deck is slowly being withdrawn from the market. They are being replaced by covered composite decking.

Covered composite decks

These decks have a special surface coating that makes them resistant to damage from mold and natural elements. It is also resistant to the effects of UV rays and stains. Covered composite decking is easier to clean, and it comes in a wider variety of colors and finishes to choose from.

How to choose a better composite decking

After introducing composite decks, let’s take a look at how to choose a better composite decking. By evaluating these factors, you can be sure that the product you choose will meet your specific needs and expectations, providing long-lasting performance and enjoyment.

Quality of materials

The quality of the deck you choose has a big impact on its performance as well as its longevity. Look for manufacturer products that use higher quality wood fiber and recycled plastic to give you a better experience. The quality of the materials used in manufacturing directly affects the durability and longevity of composite decking. If you choose some good quality decking, it can even last more than 30 years.

Moisture resistance

You should choose composite decking that is more resistant to moisture and water to resist mold and rot. Some manufacturers offer a more moisture-resistant surface design for composite decks, making it effective in resisting moisture penetration. If you live in an area where it rains a lot or is wet, then choosing moisture shield composite decking is even more important to you.

How to choose a better composite decking

Slip resistance

Safety should also be a key consideration for homeowners when choosing a deck, especially if there are elderly or small children in the home. Most composite decking on the market today has good slip resistance. You can also choose a deeply textured or embossed decking to provide more slip resistance for outdoor spaces if the need arises.

Using anti-slip coating for composite decking can also provide better traction for your deck and reduce the risk of slipping. This is great for pool decks or in areas where it rains frequently.


COOWIN composite decks offer customers the freedom to customize the look of their outdoor space by offering a wider range of colors and appearance textures. Choose a composite decking that matches your personal preference and overall style. Add more appeal to your outdoor deck. Also, choose a deck with UV resistance, which will save your deck from fading and keep its original appearance even after a long time.

Warranty and service

Look for brands that offer quality after-sales and service that can provide you with more help in the later years. A complete warranty should cover issues such as fading, staining, and damage. Choosing COOWIN can bring you better service, a longer warranty, and uncompromising after-sales service can make you enjoy a better life.

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