How to install composite decking without screws?

The beautiful terrace is one of the most coveted outdoor amenities for any homeowner, and it may be the most relaxing way to enjoy a life close to nature.  

Traditionally, the installer screws the deck from the surface, which is standard, but the screws on the surface can be a safety hazard, and you don’t want to hide from them while enjoying your deck with bare feet;  And use of screws often lead to uneven installation.  For a growing number of customers and home buyers, an inconsistent look is unacceptable.

One of the most popular installations right now is a hidden connection system.  

COOWIN was founded in 2000 and we invented a safe, simple, and durable hidden installation system.  It’s simple enough that any adult can do DIY at home, with no exposed connectors, and it’s strong and durable.

COOWIN offers metal and plastic concealed connectors that keep a uniform seam of 2mm and 7mm between the composite decking boards.  

Designed exclusively for COOWIN grooved boards, it provides a screw-free surface and can be installed simply with a traditional electric drill. After installed, it stays hidden to preserve the deck’s stable, safe, and clean appearance.

Now let’s see how to install with COOWIN hidden connecting system:

1. Before starting

Check COOWIN decking specifications and local construction/building codes to decide the joist spacing. The most common is 30-35cm in the center. 

2. 1st decking

The first board is very important, COOWIN provides specially designed start clips, fasten the clip-on joist, then install your 1st board to the starter clip.

3. Install COOWIN deck clips

Press the clips into the side groove of the 1st decking board, fasten the clips with screw-on the joist. Recommended distance between clips is 30-35 cm, fasten clips along with the board 

4. Install decking boards

Install the next decking board, make sure the side groove is fully fastened by previously installed clips. Repeat the same process for each board.

5. Gap between expansion and contraction

Composite materials will naturally expand and contract in outdoor climates. The gap is very important for the composite deck. A reasonable gap can ensure the long service life of  COOWIN  composite products. When the ends of the two WPC boards are butted together, a reasonable gap needs to be left. Please refer to the  COOWIN  installation manual for the actual gap.

6. Groove around column/corner

To slot around the balustrade, slide the deck slab next to the column. Place a tool at the edge of the post/column and draw lines on the board on each side of the post/column.

To cut the width, create a gap between the WPC boards using shims or deck clips.

Slide the end of the deck board up next to the column, and then place a square against the column at the end of the deck WPC board. Draw a line on the board between the other two lines. Use the jigsaw puzzle to cut the notch.

COOWIN tip: in order to leave a little room for maneuver, make the gap slightly larger.

7. Edge finish Trim panel

After installing all WPC decking boards, the edge finish trims the ends to the required length with chalk lines. COOWIN tip: when you continue to install the deck WPC board, please measure regularly to ensure that the WPC board is parallel to the 1st starting WPC board.

Below is a brief introduction about COOWIN:

1. 21 years history since 2000;

2. 90+ countries exported;

3. Patented real-wood-like 3D grain design;

4. 1-class quality with unique 50-38-12 formula;

5. Products target at the middle and high-end market, higher benefits;

6. Butler-like services to help customers’ sale/installation/marketing/training/bidding…

7. Exclusive agency at the regional or national level with extra services…

8. Customization services: color/length/model/shape/formula…

9. Certificates & international standards: ISO, SGS, CE, FSC…


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