How to select waterproof decking materials

In recent decades, numerous homeowners have desired inexpensive waterproof decking materials. With the advancement of science and technology, as well as the promotion and use of composite materials, previously inaccessible items are now available to the majority of people. The installation of waterproof decking has become routine for homeowners.

Compared to Water-Resistant

Before discussing the various types of waterproof decking, it is important to distinguish between waterproof and water-resistant. Numerous manufacturers mislabel their decks as waterproof when they are actually only water-resistant.

In the case of decking, this means that water cannot penetrate the boards in any way. This is essential for outdoor decking because it prevents the boards from warping, cracking, and swelling. The following materials are now available as fully waterproof decking materials:

Aluminum trim boards

Aluminum is another completely impermeable decking material, despite the fact that metal is not most homeowners’ first choice. It is more durable than composite decking and traditional wood decking.

Additionally, aluminum decking is resistant to mold, termites, and ultraviolet light. Obviously, aluminum decking is not widely used due to its numerous disadvantages. Initially, aluminum flooring can be costly. Second, despite the fact that aluminum flooring is relatively lightweight, it is difficult to cut and manipulate. And it is less decorative from a design standpoint.

PVC decorative panels

PVC deck, also known as PVC, is one of the few types of flooring that is completely waterproof materials. This synthetic flooring is composed entirely of plastic and contains no organic components. PVC decking, like composite decking, can be covered for additional protection. Covered PVC decking is typically more expensive, but it can significantly increase the lifespan of your deck.

The disadvantage of PVC decking is that it has a stronger plastic feel and a less realistic appearance than WPC decking. Some companies employ cutting-edge technology that adds realism, but it cannot be mistaken for conventional wooden decking.

Synthetic Decking

Composite decking is by far the most popular residential decking material. It is more durable than PVC, accessible, and available in a wide range of colors. There are numerous options available, and if you are interested in laminate flooring, you can also have it customized to your design specifications.

The majority of composite decking is not waterproof but water-resistant. It is composed of a mixture of wood fibers and recyclable plastic, so it contains organic materials. Therefore, if you are not paying close attention, you will mistake laminate flooring for traditional wood flooring.

Classic wooden deck

Wood flooring is second in terms of popularity only to laminate flooring. In addition, the cost of wood flooring varies according to the type of wood used. Even when treated for water resistance, wood flooring has the lowest water resistance of all materials.

Wood decking must be treated with water resistance, and a protective layer can be applied to prevent water from penetrating the wood. However, it is still organic, so insects, rot, and other environmental factors can have an impact over time. This means that, over time, wood decking will not be sufficiently water-resistant.

The most impervious decking

Now that you understand the differences between various waterproof decks, it is time to select a decking material that meets your requirements. While cedar, redwood, and IPE all naturally resist rot, insects, and decay to varying degrees, redwood naturally resists all three. However, they are not waterproof unless coated with rubber. However, this also means more difficulty.

The most durable aluminum decking

Aluminum decking is considered a specialty item, making its availability in some areas challenging. However, it can last decades longer than other decking materials and is completely waterproof.

Wahoo Decking is a company that specializes in aluminum decking and carries numerous lines of it. In addition to two lines of aluminum decking, Nexan building products also offer two lines of aluminum decking. Versadeck offers the most diverse selection of products. If you wish to purchase aluminum decking, you can do so here.

PVC Weatherproof Decking Brand

PVC decking is also an excellent choice for customers who desire a waterproof deck but dislike metal. Although there are fewer options than there are for composite decking, there are a few brands to watch out for.

TimberTech AZEK’s PVC trim boards are well-known. It is easily accessible and has a lifetime warranty against structural damage, and a fifty-year warranty against fading and staining. The company offers four distinct lines of PVC boards with a variety of options.

Like TimberTech, Fiberon is a major manufacturer of composite decking, but it also offers PVC decking boards.

In addition, there are companies that exclusively manufacture PVC decking. Veka outdoor living products is one of these businesses, and its Vekadeck PVC decking is an intriguing option.

Genovations is a smaller company that carries only one line of PVC decking. Using innovative construction techniques, their decking is cool to the touch and lightweight.

Brand of waterproof composite decking

If you prefer composite decking over aluminum or PVC decking boards, you can still find multiple suppliers of plus-cover composite decking. There are dozens of other companies that produce covered composite decking boards, in addition to the top brands that we’ve listed.

Trex is arguably the best composite decking manufacturer in the United States, and as a well-known American brand, Trex® composite decking is extremely popular in many foreign countries.

Timbertech® has a multitude of excellent contractors. Timbertech composite decking is offered in numerous colors and patterns. Their decking materials have a wood-like appearance and feel.

Newtechwood composite decking addition. Natural co-extruded composite wood decking is one of the most durable wood decking options.

COOWIN® is a leading manufacturer of composite decking in China, with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting composite decking, composite wall panels, composite fencing, and more.

COOWIN® wood-plastic composite decking is available in a vast array of colors and patterns, as well as a variety of installation methods. Encourage OEM and ODM. At any time, samples can be ordered. I believe that’s where you can find the best composite decking.


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