Is it necessary for me to seal my composite decking?

Wood decks need to be taken care of regularly. This is very important for people who have already used them. Their wood decks need to be fixed, painted, and sealed up about every other year or two. Composite decking is becoming more and more popular as an alternative choice to wood decking. So you may have the question, do I need to seal my composite deck?

What Is Composite Decking Materials?

Before we answer that question, we first need to understand what composite decking materials are. Common composite decks on the market today are usually made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers.

Composite decking materials have many advantages over traditional wood decks. The good thing about composite decking is that it doesn’t need much upkeep. When it comes to keeping its good looks, composite decking doesn’t need a lot of work. The only thing that needs to be done is to clean the composite deck often.

Composite decking does not need to be sealed to maintain its beautiful appearance over time. You can choose to seal your composite decks if you want to. It is important to note that if you choose to seal your composite deck, you will still need to seal your composite deck on a regular basis to keep it looking beautiful in the future.


Why Sealing Composite Decks Is a Good Idea?

There are many reasons why sealing a wood deck is a good idea. This method can be used to improve even outdoor deck surfaces. You will save time because you won’t have to clean your wood deck as often if you seal it. Because of this, you can also avoid some of the problems that come with mold growth and stains.

Putting a sealer on composite decks is also a good idea because it makes the color stand out more. Because they are always in the sun and are subject to corrosion from the environment. Composite decks may fade a little over time. Putting a sealer on faded composite decks can make it look like new again.

Bad Things about Using a Sealer

Most companies that make composite materials say that sealing composite wood decks is not necessary. There are many good reasons to seal composite material, but there are also some bad reasons. If you use a sealer on composite decking, the guarantee might not cover it anymore, and it will cost more to keep up.

It does make it easy to clean decks outside. But after you clean the deck, you’ll have to reseal it often to keep it looking good. This will not only mean you have to spend more time cleaning the deck. On the other hand, it will make upkeep much more expensive.


How to Keep Composite Decks Clean?

Some do-it-yourselfers might like to take care of their outdoor decks. Next, let us talk about how to seal a composite wood deck.

How to Clean Composite Decking?

It’s important to clean the surface of your composite deck really well before you seal it. To get rid of any dirt, spots, or mold that may have grown on your deck over time. Also, remember that any dirt that is still on the composite decking after it has been sealed will become “sealed” into it.

Cleaners that have chlorine bleach in them should not be used. This is because chlorine bleach breaks down things, and it will break down the composite decks. Which can then cause the composite wood deck to change color or crack. For your composite deck to stay in good shape, you need to know what to do before you use a power washer.

Picking a Sealer for Composite Decks

Once the composite decking has been cleaned well, the next step is to start the seal process. It is very important to pick the right composite deck sealer for your wants. Solvent-based sealers won’t work as well for this job as water-based sealers.

Water-based sealants are better than other types of sealants in two main ways. They don’t change the color of the composite decking like solvent-based items do. And second, they use man-made resins that stop bacteria and mold from growing.


Putting on the Sealant

Since the sealer is still wet, you should brush it off to get rid of any extra. When you use the sealer, either roll it on or spray it on, but remember to back brush after each use. A roller is used to apply the sealer, and then it is brushed back into place right away.

This step doesn’t need to be done again if you choose to use a spray sealer. Just use a roller to finish. The surface tension of the composite deck will go up if you brush the finish back into the wood grain. It needs to be heated so that the mixture can become more porous and take in more sealer.

The more sealant that is brushed onto the deck surface, the longer the coating will last. Additionally, remember that you shouldn’t use too much sealer. If you use more sealant than the composite can take, you will have to wipe off the extra.

There may be shiny, moving spots on the deck surface if there is too much sealant left over. A small amount of extra sealer needs to be wiped off to keep the surface looking clean. Following that, let it dry for at least one day. As soon as the drying process is done, your composite decks will be ready to use.



In conclusion, whether or not to seal a composite deck ultimately depends on personal preference and specific circumstances. While composite decks are designed to be low-maintenance, moisture, rot, and fade-resistant. However, some homeowners may choose to use a sealer to enhance the color and appearance of their deck.

However, it’s important to note that sealing a composite deck is not necessary for its structural integrity or longevity. In fact, many manufacturers recommend against sealing composite decks. This is because it may interfere with the natural weathering process and affect the performance of the deck material.

Homeowners should carefully consider the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying any sealer. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep composite decks looking good and performing without the need for sealing. Ultimately, the decision to seal a composite deck should be based on personal preference and maintenance priorities.

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