New 3D embossed wood plastic outdoor decking

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, wood-plastic composite decking is also constantly appearing in new technologies and new products. In the early days, the types and colors of wood-plastic composite materials were very single, and people had few choices. The current wood-plastic composite materials not only have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from but also have a new 3D embossed wood grain surface. 3D embossing is not only an upgrade of appearance but also an improvement in performance.

3D embossing technology is a surface carving technology. Each floor is like a sculpture, and the artistic atmosphere and visual degree have been greatly improved. The classic 3D embossing is a great improvement on the existing wood-plastic floor. At the same time, this 3D embossed wood-plastic floor has enhanced anti-slip. The three-dimensional embossing reaches 3 mm, which can significantly improve the adsorption capacity of the floor.

In order to maintain the surface of the wood, some wood floors use drawing tools to draw the wood texture. These types of textures will blur over time. The 3D embossed surface of the wood-plastic material floor does not require such a drawing process. The 3D wood grain is directly printed on the wood-plastic floor during the production process, and the surface texture is better and more durable.

The new 3D embossed decorative decking has developed into one of the most popular wood-plastic floors. The unique bas-relief surface and wood-like effect are very popular with the owners.



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