Basic knowledge of wood-plastic composites

Wood-plastic composites are a new type of composite material composed of wood fiber material and polymer material. The formation of a good interface between wood fiber material and polymer material is the key to obtain a good wood-plastic composite material. Wood-plastic composites are usually used to manufacture decorative flooring.

Interface theory of wood-plastic composites

The mechanism of interface formation and action of wood-plastic composites is very complex. Relevant physical and chemical factors affect the formation, structure and stability of the interface, which in turn affects the mechanical properties of the composite. The manufacture of wood-plastic composite synthetic panels from wood fiber materials and plastics is a hot research topic in recent years.

Research methods of wood-plastic composite panels

Extrusion, mixing and hot pressing processes are used to manufacture wood-plastic composite laminate flooring and test various properties of composite flooring. However, due to the short history of research on wood-plastic composite flooring systems and the complexity of wood fiber materials, there is no uniform standard for the performance of wood-plastic composite flooring.



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