Maintenance of composite decking

If you are in contact with composite decking for the first time, you need to know about the care and maintenance of composite decking. How to use a composite deck to get the longest service life? How to maintain? This article will answer these questions for you and give you a better understanding of composite decking material boards.

Regarding the maintenance of composite decking, there is an advantage that is worthy of people's delight. This is because laminate flooring requires almost no maintenance, as long as a simple cleaning is enough. Although composite decking material cannot be re-paved like wooden flooring, laminate flooring can last longer if it is properly taken care of.

Clean composite decking

The conventional method is to use a broom to remove leaves and debris from the surface. Brushes are also needed to remove moss, leaves, or algae.

You can also prepare a bucket of warm soapy water or a bottle of laminate floor cleaner, and place the warm soapy water or cleaner on the floor. Then, scrub the floor surface with a broom. The debris will be cleaned up.

Remember to leave warm soapy water or detergent on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing the composite decking to ensure that all dirt and debris can be removed from the floor.


• After rinsing the decking,It’s better to use a blower to make the deck dry.

• Clean your deck twice a year after the major pollen events.

• Please be careful when using a high-pressure cleaner, and please use it 12 inches above the deck surface at a pressure less than 1,500 psi.

• It’s better not to put wet covering on the deck surface.

• Please place a vinyl-backed splash pad under the grill.

• Normal daily activities will not cause scratches, but excessive activity will damage the deck surface. Stepping on a skateboard, dragging heavy furniture, and dancing with thin heels may cause scratches, worn, or chipped.


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