WPC deck design ideas

After the end of summer is the best time to build a new deck. At this time, the outdoor temperature begins to drop. A suitable outdoor temperature makes outdoor work more comfortable. Let us take action and build a more comfortable living environment.

From common rectangles to complex irregular shapes, your deck design can be designed according to your own preferences. Among the popular trends of the deck and outdoor flooring living, the following designs have caught our attention:

• Independent courtyard

• private space

• Personalized design

• A variety of colors

Independent courtyard

Many homeowners are building a backyard away from the house, which can also be called an "open-air dining area", which connects the open-air dining area and the house through landscaping and winding paths, which can provide a kind of travel and transition Feel, give people a different life experience.

Private space

Whether it is a deck commonly used at home or a free-standing deck, many deck designs include decks of different heights. These creative decks are higher or lower than the main deck, in addition to providing eye-catching design, this is also a good way to define functional areas. For example, a small raised section can provide an intimate conversation corner or private space.

Individual design

With the development of deck design in recent years, more deck builders and DIY enthusiasts are going beyond simple squares and rectangles, including curved decks. These designs range from decks with curved edges on one side to round decks, and even complex shapes such as leaves or guitars. Although it is more challenging to build than a rectangular deck, the composite deck can be bent after heating, which makes it possible to realize these unique designs, which are difficult to achieve with wooden floors.

Variety of colors

The emergence of laminate flooring in various colors enables homeowners to create more visually appealing decks. Some ideas include installing a row or two dark wooden boards on the edge of the light-colored deck as a frame and delineating the cutout areas for trees and shrubs. A builder who really likes DIY can even bend contrasting composite panels and meander across the deck to create a unique design.

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