composite decking obtains patent for product innovation

For the development of product business, quality is the most important. Good quality is the gold medal to win the trust of customers.

Patent Quality Assurance is committed to ensuring the highest quality of patent examination for composite decking. Due to the good quality, COOWIN composite decking series products have passed multiple reviews.

There are two patent certificates here, the appearance design patent certificate and the utility model patent certificate. Pursuing high-quality products has always been COOWIN's mission.

COOWIN's goal is to make composite decking better and better. We have our own manufacturer to continue pushing the limits of composite decking technology.

The pattern, style and color of the composite decking will continue to improve with the development of the market. We will do our best to win the praise of customers with high quality.

COOWIN created a patented composite decking with hardship and innovation.

We are investing more and more in product research and development, aiming to provide consumers with world-class high-quality composite decking and make consumers' lives more colorful.

We have an excellent R&D system equipped with advanced technology, which allows us to provide customers with high-quality composite decking. We are working hard to develop a new generation of products every three months.

The following are the advantages of COOWIN patented composite flooring, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

The well-designed composite decking pattern has high aesthetic value.

It is practical and can be applied to various occasions, such as residential balconies, garden walkways, scenic spots, etc.

New products are released regularly every three months to meet the different needs of consumers in different periods.

The technical innovation of composite decking has no limits.

Excellent research and development system

COOWIN series composite decking will illuminate your life with high quality and good service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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