Finger Movement Of The Production Floor Features

1, refers to the movement of the floor is made of short material made of long material, so that small materials used, bad material excellent use.

2, refers to the movement of the floor before the finger, can be removed knots, decay and other wood defects, which can create a long lack of natural defects.

3, refers to the movement of the floor to retain the natural wood material, beautiful appearance.

4, refers to the movement of the floor of the raw materials through the dry, even if the large size of the material, the water content of each part are uniform, and not refers to the solid wood compared to cracking, deformation small.

5, solid wood refers to the material before the glue can be pre-connected to the wood for drug treatment. Therefore, even if the long material, its internal also has enough medicine, so that the wood has excellent corrosion resistance, pest control, flame retardant.

6, compared with solid wood equipment investment high.



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