Wood Plastic Composite Building Materials Industry Existence Of The Problem

At present, wood-plastic products in a period of rapid growth, as with other industries, the entire industry chain in terms of raw materials, technology, supporting industries, applications and other sectors do have great progress. Product design, performance can meet the requirements. But as an export-oriented products, the main face of the problem:Wood plastic products industry threshold is low, despite the many problems facing, but are generally optimistic about the future development of this product, large and small enterprises are competing for the market. The majority of the entire industry manufacturers of product mix, the target market is basically the same. Few manufacturers have their own characteristics of the product, leading to the use of price reduction methods to seize the status quo of the market, the lower the price, manufacturers have to find ways to compress costs, and finally caused the price of wood plastic market confusion.

 Coowin wood plastic always stick to their position, in the development of this 17 years has always adhere to the quality first, innovative products, first now, coowin  wood plastic has been relying on their own brand and product characteristics in this hundreds of small and small enterprises Occupation of their own place, to win the good reputation of the customer, the main to do high-end market.Dedicated to the production of fine wood-plastic composite.



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