Wood Plastic Composite Material —— Application

WPC materials is mainly instead of  wood in all areas of application, which is the widely used in building products, accounting for 75% of the amount of wood plastic composite products,Such as outdoor floor, wall panel, fences, guardrail and roof board, etc. include packing and transportation (such as transportation pallet, railway sleepers,  etc.), furniture, sports equipment and other fields, can also use WPC materials.

Specific details are as follows:

1. wood plastic composite material in the application of interior decoration:

Door frames, decorative panels, activities blinds, indoor leisure tables and chairs, stairs and so on.

2. wood plastic composite material in the landscape application:

For beach chairs, garden handrails, bridges, pavilions, corridors, fences, ecological huts, etc.

3. wood plastic composite material in the application of building materials:

Building templates, bicycle parking shed, roof garden drainage board, activity room, villa and so on.

4. The application of wood plastic composite material in packaging and transportation:

Warehouse shelves, ammunition packaging, handling pads, turnover boxes, railway sleepers, export goods, such as packaging.



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