WPC School Exterior Wall Panels Cladding Components Solution Design

WPC college exterior wall panels metal cladding materials solution design, not only useful for designing the school's exterior wall space, its multi-functional characteristics and environmental protection and security, should be taken significantly by more people, too. School is a region with a dense masses, the functions of anti-mildew, antibacterial, formaldehyde-free, and anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, fire resistant and others effect could play an important role to protect human health and security. School exterior design, using wood plastic school-panel, incorporate ornamental and functionality, to build the most cost-effective exterior wall sections design.

A project that actually works with Korean language folk for the putting of external walls of the school. Making use of the WPC college exterior wall panels metal cladding materials solution design. In the past, school outside wall panels cladding materials solution design generally used anti-corrosive wood for set up, using paint and covering to Dyeing. In truth, such exterior wall sections design is not eco-friendly, containing the toxic gas such as formaldehyde and stupid. Like a flammable material, anti-corrosive wood is a great safety hazard. Simultaneously, anti-corrosive wood requires a lot of maintenance, but the ultimate service life is hard to carry on more than ten years.

Consequently, WPC school exterior wall structure panels cladding materials solution design pays more focus on the environmental requirements for the item, flame retardant requirements, the lifespan requirements.

This kind of project total purchase order is 6, 700 rectangular meters, the color is reddish brown. "Installation efficiency is very high, the quality is also very good. " Korean customer said, "we are thinking about whether library also use COOWIN Group wood-plastic materials. inch

Outdoor cladding model TF-04N takes thin-grooves and connecting style design, high efficient installation, low workforce, labor force cost, can be applied for school exterior design, residence wall, landscape building and hotels outer design.

The WPC school outside wall panels cladding materials solution design is the focus of coowin group in late 2016. About the world, through discussion on more than six hundred schools, ranging from pre-school to university, find out about different ages, under different conditions, the several needs for the school panels. And now, we're able to modify the material formula solution design make the WPC school panel more suit local conditions. Efficient setup scheme, strong modeling design ability, this is Coowin.



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