Tips for Building a Composite Deck on a Budget

Composite decking is an excellent investment for any homeowner looking to add outdoor living space. Building a composite decking can be an effective way to add functionality and beauty to your outdoor living space. They are sturdy and durable, can be customized into almost any shape, and have endless design possibilities. However, composite decks can be more expensive to build. In this article, we’ll cover tips for building a composite deck on a budget, so you can design a more aesthetically pleasing outdoor deck on a budget.

Tips for building a composite deck on a budget

While composite decking is more expensive. But fortunately, there are some smart strategies that can help you build a beautiful deck on a budget.

Planning and design

The first step in tips for building a composite deck on a budget is to plan and design your outdoor space The first thing you need to do is plan the deck installation based on the size and layout of the deck.

Larger decks will inevitably require more decking materials and labor costs, which can significantly increase your budget. It is therefore necessary for homeowners to assess their outdoor space and determine the size of the deck they need. Try to find the size of composite decks that meets your needs without exceeding your budget.

Choosing the right brand

Composite decking comes in many brands as well as price ranges, so go for the best budget composite decking. There is no doubt that high-end composite decks offer superior performance and looks, but it is also more expensive. To make the project fit your budget, consider some cheaper but good-quality brands.

Tips for Building a Composite Deck on a Budget

Compare different composite wood decking brands in detail to compare price and quality. Keep in mind factors like durability, performance, and maintenance needs of the deck.

Installing the deck yourself

Deciding whether to install the deck yourself or hire a professional composite decking installer will have a direct impact on your costs. If you have the time and skill, then choosing to install the deck yourself can save you even more in labor costs. You can save thousands of dollars in cost and budget by completing the project yourself.

Building a composite deck is an easy project to analyze from a technical point of view. So if you don’t mind hard work and have plenty of time, then building it yourself is entirely possible. Hiring an installer is necessary if you lack specialized installation knowledge or don’t want to lose your time.

Hiring a professional contractor can save homeowners a lot of time and bring you superior-quality installation. But again, it will cost more in labor costs. In a deck-building project, labor costs can take up half of the project cost.

Purchase specials

Buying composite decks during dealer sales or clearance events can save you even more money. So keep an eye out for seasonal promotions or discounts from your local suppliers.

Apart from that, you can also buy used materials online or from other remodeling projects. Although you need to spend extra time to find and check the integrity of the used materials, you can save a lot of money. You need to carefully check the structural integrity as well as the cosmetic intactness of the used materials to ensure that you can use them properly.

Optimize the use of materials

If the project needs to be completed on a strict budget, then the use of the deck needs to be optimized. Accurate measuring and planning can minimize wasted materials. Use a professional measuring tool or software to calculate the exact size of the deck needed based on the specifications of the outdoor deck. Ensuring that wastage of decks and materials is avoided can effectively reduce the cost of the entire project.

Simple design

Complex decks can bring you more personalization and a variety of features. But they can also significantly increase the cost of the project. On the contrary, if you use a simple deck design that focuses more on practicality and economy. You can effectively reduce the cost of your renovation.

Simple square or rectangular deck layouts are more cost-effective and require less installation skill and installation cost. It can save the homeowner more on the cost of installation and remodeling.

COOWIN composite deck

Regular deck maintenance

In general, composite deck maintenance needs are less than traditional wood decks. However, it still requires regular care and maintenance to maintain its longevity and performance. Neglecting maintenance can result in wear and tear and costly later repairs to your outdoor deck. So regular cleaning or maintenance can keep your composite decking boards in top shape.

In fact, the maintenance and cleaning of composite materials is very simple, and the best way to clean a composite deck is to use cleaner and warm water.

Low-budget outdoor space design

Maybe we don’t have enough budget to make your deck design look more unique. But if you have a personalized idea, you can also use the low budget to design a more attractive outdoor space.

Add lighting

Adding lighting is a simple and inexpensive design idea for outdoor decks. The right lighting can effectively increase the curb appeal of your home and make your outdoor space look brighter. Lighting doesn’t need to cost a lot, with a few strings of lights or lanterns, you will be able to set up your deck perfectly.

Add a fire pit

Fire pits for composite decking are a very unique decorating idea. And fire pits are relatively inexpensive. Place a sitting area around the fire pit where you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

Build an awning

Pergola on a composite deck is necessary, especially in hot areas. It provides effective protection from direct sunlight as well as UV rays. This will not only keep the homeowner cooler during the hot season, but it will also protect your deck from fading.

However, it is important to note that awnings are relatively costly. This can increase the cost of your project and cost more of your budget.


With proper planning as well as selection, homeowners can do well in building a composite deck on a budget. By carefully considering the cost of building materials, design ideas, and installation methods. You can build an outdoor space in a more cost-effective way. And using a lower-cost design idea can make your outdoor deck look more interesting and welcoming.

Spending the right amount of money will make your deck more durable and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy a functional outdoor living space for a long time.

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