What is the best way to restore faded composite decking?

As one of the most commonly used materials in the construction of outdoor living spaces. Composite decking is long-lasting and low-maintenance. While people can enjoy the outdoors, it also has the potential to provide more convenience. However, no matter what material the deck is made of, it will deteriorate over time. They’ll begin to look dirty and worn. The deck’s service life will be shortened if it is not properly maintained. Although composite decking has a longer service life than wooden decks. They do, however, accumulate dirt over time. The next step is to figure out how to restore faded composite decking.

The best safeguard is prevention.

If your outdoor composite deck has faded a little after a long period of use. You have options for dealing with this problem. If, on the other hand, the debris and dirt that has accumulated outside can be regularly removed. The composite decking material will not fade if this is done.

The composite decking may fade for a variety of reasons. Improper cleaning products, as well as wind and sun exposure, are two of the most common causes of composite deck fading.

What causes composite deck fading?

Understanding the causes of composite decking board surface fading is critical for preventing and resolving problems. Next, consider four major causes of composite decking fading:

Cleaning the composite deck incorrectly: To clean the composite deck, use the detergent provided or recommended by the composite decking manufacturer. If you use the incorrect detergent, such as chlorine bleach, you will ruin your decking surface. The composite decking will fade if you clean it with steel wire or apply too much pressure. Please read the instructions carefully or consult composite decking suppliers before cleaning your composite deck.

Inadequate maintenance is another major contributor to deck fading. Composite decking has a low maintenance cost, but it isn’t completely maintenance-free. Like your indoor living environment, it must be kept clean and tidy. Leaves, dust, and debris that have accumulated for an extended period of time will mold and rot the composite decking, so clean it regularly.

Wind and sun exposure: There’s no denying that the composite deck’s external environment has a significant impact. If you live in an area where the sun is hot all year and it is frequently windy and rainy, you should consider moving. With the passage of time, the color of your outdoor deck may fade. Naturally, the composite deck has a greater tolerance than a traditional wooden deck. That is, natural wooden decks are more susceptible to sunlight than composite decking.

Low-quality composite decking: If your composite decking is of poor quality, it may fade faster. Choose high-quality composite decking from companies like Trex, Fiberon, and COOWIN.

How do I keep the deck clean?

Proper maintenance of your outdoor deck can effectively prevent it from fading in everyday life. Even if your composite deck has faded, the first step in restoring it is to thoroughly clean it. Don’t worry, the composite surface is simple to maintain.

To keep your deck clean, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment or complicated cleaning solutions. In fact, you should exercise extreme caution when using a high-pressure cleaning machine. When using a high-pressure cleaning machine, keep the pressure low and don’t use it more than twice a year. Many people dislike having to clean their decks under pressure. As a result of the excessive pressure, the composite materials will be harmed.

To make your deck look cleaner, follow these steps:

1. Remove all of the furniture from the outdoor deck to make room for you to work. Remove large debris and leaves with a broom, then use a water pipe to spray down from the floor surface.

2. Clean the deck with warm soapy water or a matching detergent, making sure to cover the entire deck area. Then use a soft bristle brush or a high-pressure cleaner with a pressure of no more than 1500 PSI to clean the deck surface.

3. Thoroughly rinse the composite deck with clean, warm water. To remove all foam and prevent mold growth, make sure there are no puddles.


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