Which Composite decking material brand is best?

Composite decking has advanced significantly in recent years. Twenty years ago, composite materials were limited to a single color. Today’s composite decking material not only mimics the natural beauty of wood. Additionally, it features a variety of grain patterns and vibrant colors. Which Composite decking brand is the best?

Composite Decking History

Composites have also improved stain, fade, and scratch resistance. So they look better. They also last longer.

1995 – Composite decking with a material similar to MDF hits the market. It was monochromatic and faded rapidly. So unlike the natural beauty and character of the wood.

In the late 1990s, grain patterns were added to give the effect of wood. However, it was still susceptible to mold, scratching, and staining. It faded up to 30%.

AZEK introduces PVC decking in the early 20s. Better scratch and fade resistance with pure polymer. Also, thermal expansion or contraction on length. New earthy and pastel colors were also introduced.

Early 20th-century color striations imitated genuine hardwood. Trex led the way with its “Brasilia” collection. Adding color streaks to PVC gives composites a more realistic look.

Introduced in the late 20s, capped composites. It combines the performance of a scratch- and fade-resistant polymer. A lower composite score also saves money. The variety of variegated boards with more color and streak selection continues to grow.

Which Composite decking products are the best?

COOWIN only sells high-quality composite material. We imported composite production technology from America in 2000. Years of research and development. We own the master WPC formula and the patent.
COOWIN can create custom formulations to meet customer needs. Examples of such are special purposes and extreme climates.

The COOWIN WPC formula vs. other suppliers is shown below.

Recipe selection

We use 50% poplar wood fiber, 38% HDPE, and 12% additives. This includes UV resistance, antioxidants, color-stabilizing agents (like Dupont), coupling agents, and anti-mold agents. So our composite material is anti-UV. And the color holds up in hot weather.

Material selection and standard control

Quality control is rigorously implemented from raw material to finished product. For example, during composite decking material extrusion. Every 200m of wpc decking will be tested once. Color, size, and strength are tested. We will crush this batch if one item is not acceptable.

Control the raw material procurement standards. And avoid low-cost, low-quality materials. Choose raw materials that are stable and of high quality. Indicators of plastic raw materials such as density and ash content. And every stage of production is strictly supervised. We are confident in the quality of our material.

Additives ratio

COOWIN strict control of additive ratio, no shortcuts. COOWIN products select the most stable and suitable formulation additives. Some of the additives are imported, like DuPont’s from the US.

Production equipment and process improvement

COOWIN is equipped with the latest wood-plastic technology. And the company’s technical team is always improving production equipment. The COOWIN proprietary transformation is carried out according to actual needs.

Thus, the wood powder and plastic are better integrated to improve the composite material’s properties. It also allows for more customized production services.

Personalized customer service

COOWIN prioritizes customer satisfaction over meeting customer needs. But also devoted to pleasing customers. We have a professional team for your design and recommend products more in line with your needs.

The company employs skilled technicians. They can customize customers’ appearance and performance. Developed 3D wood grain composite decking and wall cladding.


With the company’s growth. We hold ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, CE, and FSC certifications. And passed the SGS test report with a fire test report in accordance with ASTM and EN standards, as well as an anti-UV and anti-mildew test.

Overall Scale of Coowin

We have developed an ideal organizational structure over the last 22 years. After all, our factory occupies an area of over 20,000 square meters and has a production capacity of over 10,000 tons. At the same time, the capacity can increase at any time according to the market demand.



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