Why use composite cladding on exterior walls?

If you need strong and durable exterior cladding to protect your home, then composite cladding may be the best option. High-quality composite exterior cladding not only protects your home but also improves its appearance.

Composite cladding is one of the most popular exterior cladding materials available today. It can give your business or home a distinctive look. Using composite cladding is one of the best ways to renovate your home without painting. So why should you choose composite exterior cladding for the exterior of your home? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is composite cladding?

Wall cladding made from recycled plastic and wood fibers is known as composite cladding. When bad weather hits, composite exterior cladding can provide a “coat” for the exterior walls of your home and protect them from damage.

Composite cladding materials are strong and durable, with good water and mold resistance. This is why more and more people are preferring composite cladding to wood cladding.

What are the advantages of composite cladding?

Composite cladding has many advantages over traditional wood siding. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of composite wood siding.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of composite cladding is that it is low maintenance. Unlike traditional wood cladding, composite materials don’t need to be painted, stained, sealed, or sanded as often. This saves you not only maintenance costs but also labor time in the long run.

Solid wood cladding rots, cracks, splits, and swells, while composite cladding does not. One of the best things about composite siding is that it doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it looking great. Simply wash it with warm soapy water.


Many options to choose from

Composite wall cladding comes in a wide range of colors and surface textures. Therefore, it can be used in a variety of ways. This is what sets composite wall cladding apart: it has the look of real wood siding, but with many benefits that wood siding does not have.

People can choose the right color and texture for their design style. Whether you choose a gutter or woodgrain finish, composite cladding is a great way to improve the look of your home.

Easy to install

Although composite wall cladding is easy to install, you should still hire a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly and professionally. However, if you prefer to do it yourself and have the necessary abilities and tools. Composite wall cladding is equally easy to install.

The key thing to remember is that before installing composite cladding, you should carefully read the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Avoid unnecessary damage due to improper installation.

Environmentally friendly materials

Many people prefer composite cladding because it is an environmentally friendly product made from recyclable plastic and wood fiber. The plastic and wood fibers used in quality composite decking and composite wall cladding come from waste. Therefore, promoting and using composite materials helps to protect our living environment.

Reduced energy consumption

The use of composite wall cladding reduces energy consumption. Sound and heat-insulating composite materials keep sound and heat in. This insulation keeps your home at a comfortable temperature, thus reducing your energy consumption.

Stronger and more durable

Composite wall cladding is more durable and stronger than vinyl siding, wood wall coverings, and any other wall material. These materials won’t rot, grow insects, or warp because they’re made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers. They are also less likely to stain or scratch.


More protection

Composite cladding not only insulates, it also protects the exterior from the elements. Since composite cladding does not allow water to enter, it prevents condensation and excess moisture from building up.

When wood siding comes into contact with water or moisture, it begins to grow. Wood siding can crack as it dries. Composites will change with temperature but always maintain their shape.

Increased Value

Composite wall cladding not only improves the appearance of a property cosmetically, it also increases the value of the property. This is due to the fact that this low-maintenance composite cladding material has a life expectancy of up to 25 years.

The use of sustainable and eco-friendly building materials such as composite materials is part of the UK government’s carbon reduction initiative. Homes that use composite siding are already at the forefront of protecting the environment.

Can composite decking add value to a home?

What are the disadvantages of composite cladding?

There is no doubt that composite siding has many advantages. However, it also has some disadvantages.

High initial cost

While the initial investment in composite siding is high, it is well worth it in the long run. This is because composite siding is strong and durable and is not affected by weather or moisture. Minimal maintenance and additional protection from the elements make the initial investment worthwhile.

Cannot be stained or painted

Composite siding can last a long time without fading, and it cannot be changed in color using paint. Therefore, when you want to change the color of your home’s exterior siding, it may not be possible.

Applications for composite exterior cladding

Composite wall cladding can be used as eco-landscaping cladding for garden sheds, commercial buildings, and houses. Composite cladding is ideal for people living in difficult areas.

External Wall Cladding

Previously, only stone walls and paint could hide unsightly defects and cracks. With composite cladding, you can cover up external wall problems. It looks aesthetically pleasing and no one will notice that the brick behind the cladding has been damaged.

Exterior cladding can add elegance and improve the appearance of your home and may even be the envy of your neighbors. Cladding on garages and outdoor sheds can match the cladding on your house, which is great because it will last a long time.

Incorporating cladding into the design

Composite siding can improve the appearance of a building. Some architects create beautiful designs using composite wall cladding. They blend it with a variety of materials while keeping it functional.

The appearance of a building is changing due to the use of composite wall cladding. Wall cladding is more aesthetically pleasing when it is a different color and sculpted into geometric patterns. Quality composite cladding can improve the appearance of exposed brick walls. For a sleeker look, combine dark gray or black with classic wood tones.

Creating a striking wall

You can use composite siding to create a truly unique wall for your home. It gives the room a modern feel and helps make a statement. You can use natural wood colors from floor to ceiling and composite siding on interior walls to give your property a rustic look.

Architects use composite siding to add many design elements to homes and businesses. When combined with a variety of materials, colors, and panel variants, composite siding can provide a distinctive look to a building.

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